1 Cent fantasy overprint

From the first issue of Suriname many stamps were overprinted. In total 10 out of 16 values were overprinted, to clear stock. One of the stamps that was not overprinted was the 2½ cent red.

However in the chaos of overprinted stamps of Suriname in the early 20th century someone decided to create an overprint that was never issued.

The 1 cent on 2½ cent red overprint is easy to recognise due it was officially never overprinted for any value.

The forged overprint is placed on a real 2½ cent red stamp and only known on stamps with Combined Perforation 12½ : 12.

The 1 cent overprint measures 13mm and the height of the 1 is approximately 3mm. The colour of the of the overprint is mostly recorded in grey black, but strong black colour overprints have been reported.

Overview defraud and involvement details

Forgery to defraud collector: Yes
Forgery to defraud postal authority: No
Forger: N/a
Business: N/a
Other people involved: N/a
Other Businesses Involved: N/a
Criminal conviction recorded: N/a